Enriching – this is the word that best describes my Priority experience. Having joined the company as a fresh-eyed graduate over a year ago, I never expected to find myself on eight-hour road-trips to-and-from Kuala Lumpur with the boss or quaffing beers with clients atop the Intercontinental Hotel in Bangkok.

The journey hasn’t always been smooth-sailing and as with anything in life, low periods are to be expected. This being my first job after graduation, most of the skills I now have were cultivated through grappling with the many challenges the job threw at me. Being thrown into the deep-end almost immediately can be terrifying, but it does have its benefits – it forces you to think both strategically and creatively. The storms I weather at Priority only leave me stronger and more determined than ever.

But of course, in the crazy world that is PR sometimes it seems like the ship you are on is about to hit the rocks. That’s when colleagues come to the rescue! At Priority we are family first and colleagues second. With such a dynamic bunch around, work is never a bore.

The storms I weather at Priority only leave me stronger and more determined than ever.

And, we can’t seem to get enough of one another, hang-outs after hours aren’t uncommon. Be warned though, we tend to take the proverb, “work hard, play hard” a little bit too seriously, as evinced by our many company get-togethers. Elaborate tea parties and cooking competitions are all part and parcel of Priority life, so prepare to ditch your diet plans and indulge with us.

So what makes Priority so special? Every single one of us is urged to improve and learn new skills every day. It is ingrained in us to never rest on our laurels and that we’re only as good as our last assignment. Sounds harsh? We don’t think so. We believe that the key to success is to push the envelope, all the time.

Integrity, generosity, empathy, courage! Nope, we didn’t rip off the SAF’s seven core values. These are four key Priority values which we hold dear to guide us when doubts arise. Having the right character and attitude are crucial ingredients to forming a happy and successful team. Do we have the right mix? You betcha!