Women in PR: How ERIC can help champion equality

The public relations (PR) industry is one that is dominated by women because they feel they are collaborative and social. Some estimates are that women account for between 60% and 75% of the PR workforce. But yet, like most industries, there is a glass ceiling at work: only about 30% to 40% of PR leaders are women.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, it is a good time to see how we can break this glass ceiling once and for all. International Women’s Day serves as a global reminder of the on-going struggle for women’s rights. It is a day to celebrate the achievements of women and progress they have made, while acknowledging the road still to be travelled in the journey to true gender equality.

I am proud to work in a regional firm where over half of our nearly 60-strong workforce across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and India are women. Our Chairperson and Founder is a woman, Jane Prior and I am pleased to count two women peers in our leadership team Sunita Kaur GillCristie H.

These women embody the core values of our firm on a daily basis: ERIC, which stands for Empathy, Respect, Integrity and Courage. For men, these values can also guide us as we support women in their journey to equality.

Empathy involves understanding the feelings of women and recognising the unique challenges they face daily. Some could be new mothers nurturing the next generation while juggling professional commitments. By putting ourselves in their shoes, we develop a deeper understanding of how we can support their aspirations in the workplace.
Respect involves recognising the inherent value of every individual irrespective of gender. This includes actively listening to women’s perspectives and valuing their contributions in all spheres of life.
Integrity demands that our beliefs align with our behaviours. Both institutions and individuals must hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards to banish gender-based discrimination and foster a culture that champions equality.
Courage is abundant as women globally challenge discrimination daily. On International Women’s Day, let us celebrate this courage and pledge to continue cultivating an environment where women feel empowered as equals in the workforce, with access to the same opportunities for advancement.
As we commemorate International Women’s Day, the values of ERIC can be the driving force for meaningful change. By embracing these values, men can help realise a world where women can thrive and realise their full potential.
Seng Jin Lim
Senior Director