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We understand the business of our clients and speak their language in a digital world

Our story starts in 1985 when the world was taking its first steps into the Internet and global companies were expanding into Asia. Singapore was the location of choice for global enterprises starting up their regional operations and Asia was booming.

As a Public Relations agency we helped these companies get to market. We listened, learned and aligned ourselves with those sectors still driving Asian growth today – technology, logistics, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and professional services.

Since the early days, we have expanded to support clients across Southeast Asia and India, and today Priority people are located in 12 cities and 8 countries; Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India and China.

During this time, technology has tilted the world on its axis, delivering capabilities beyond our early dreams and cementing our niche in tech PR. From announcing the region’s first data centres to engaging at scale with today’s landscape of AI, cloud, edge computing, IoT, cybersecurity, 5G and Industry 4.0, we have partnered some of the world’s most innovative companies whose solutions change the way we live and work. And from energy management to sustainable transport systems, we work with enterprises that strive to keep the planet liveable.

Data and insights are the building blocks of our campaigns, allowing us to target outreach and measure impact and results. Our engagement methodology, which plans centrally and rolls out regionally, gives clients a single point of contact freeing them to focus on other agendas while we deliver the results through integrated marketing communications and content creation that supports their bottom line.

We understand the business of our clients, we speak their language in a digital world and through smart omnichannel communications programmes, we always deliver results.

Our Philosophy

Taking Charge – Making News

We keep our clients on the “front foot” – not waiting to see what happens next – but setting the agenda to their advantage. We craft smart media relation campaigns supported with original content to tell the stories their customers need to hear. All this while their competiton is standing still.


Delivering Results

We measure outcomes, not just output. We deliver mutual success built on truly understanding our clients’ business, the markets they operate in and the audiences they want to influence.

Aligning with our clients

We are an extension of the businesses we work with. By understanding our clients’ business needs, we become trusted advisors. Our client relationships are built to last with an average tenure exceeding five years.


Being Accountable

Every organization must be accountable and we are partners in this commitment. We never promise media coverage – that’s advertising – but we do promise the output and effort to win those results.

Taking Responsibility

Everyone at Priority works towards success. We attract smart, highly motivated people and give them the chance to grow their careers while learning continuously through our customised training programmes.


Our Footprint

From our headquarters in Singapore, we reach across the rest of Southeast Asia and into India. Ours is a territory that embraces the world’s fastest growing and youngest economies; a destination known for its diversity of cultures and enormous business opportunities.

Speaking more than 14 languages, Priority Consultants’ people are today located in 8 Asian countries and 12 cities; Singapore, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Jakarta (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai, Bengaluru, New Delhi (India) and Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi (Vietnam), Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Outside our own region, we have a global partner network comprising hand-picked agencies and firms from Japan, Korea through to Australia and New Zealand who share our values and commitment to results.


We deliver the convenience of a single point of contact supported across Asia by local known-how and experience to deliver the results that you are looking for. 

Working in partnership
with us

We work with clients in one market or many – our flexible approach saves budget and time

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