Priority Consultants is an established regional communications and consulting firm based in Singapore, with offices in Southeast Asia and Asia. We work with multinational companies, typically Fortune 500 companies, operating in the Asia Pacific region. Our focus on Results and building enduring and mutually beneficial Relationships (Results+Relationships) is a proven methodology that was forged on best practices in communications, including public relations, content and editorial services, social media marketing and events.
At Priority Consultants, we believe deeply in our core traits that define us. We emphasise delivering outstanding results through our work. By leveraging on one another’s strengths, we are stronger as a team. We enjoy what we do as the thirst for learning is embedded in our DNA. The tenets of integrity, generosity, empathy and courage guide us as we build great relationships.
We are looking always for people with valuable skills and interesting thinking to join us and help us grow. Fundamentally we are inviting people who are not afraid to think creatively, who like to solve problems, who not only embrace technology but revel in it, who like to speak their mind, who get a kick out of working hard, and who understand that success is state of mind that needs action to deliver results.
So if you are that person, then we would love to chat with you.