Our Ethos

What is the “culture” at Priority that makes us different?

Firstly, we view all our client engagements as partnerships which is why our average client tenure is more than five years. Then we know that success is never one-sided. We commit to deliver the results that meet, or even exceed, the agreed targets and in that way, our clients can be confident of meeting their business goals.

Our strength is leveraging the power of earned media and while we never make false promises in terms of the results, we make a definite promise to fulfil the necessary outreach. Years of experience justify our confidence in the outcomes we expect and our campaigns always deliver measurable and sustained results to support our clients’ bottom line.

Empathy combined with creativity is key to our success with the media. We pride ourselves on the stories we tell around our clients and how they solve the very real problems that businesses are facing. We create stories that excite the media and grab the attention of the people we want to influence.

It is our “learning” culture here at Priority that keeps us at the forefront of the new technologies we represent. And to show we are serious, Fridays are dedicated to giving teams the time to explore new ideas while getting to know each other. We offer our staff at every level an exciting array of hard and soft skills training programmes.

The core values that guide us

When it comes to people, we are guided by our core values: Empathy, Respect, Integrity and Courage. (E.R.I.C.)


Empathy helps us craft the stories that educate and engage while we demonstrate Respect in the way we behave with our three sets of “clients”; the companies who engage us, the media and our colleagues.  We know it sometimes takes great Courage to walk in another’s shoes and Integrity underscores the promises we make.

Finally, we are committed to working with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds who represent the diversity and richness of the Asia region we call home. We have a zero tolerance for any racial, sexual or age-based harassment and love that fact we have interns and new graduates to keep us all challenged, while our senior staff bring combined wisdom and experience.

Founded in Singapore more than 35 years ago, here at Priority Consultants our tagline is “We Live Asia” because this is the most dynamic region in the world today and while the world is watching, we are living it.

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