When generating publicity for an upcoming event, it’s always good practice to start with a strong logo; one that is relevant, modern and with that added flair to capture the attention and interest of the target audience. As a representative symbol, logos tend to work better with consumers than mere event titles. Illustrations such as supporting imagery are also a good way to enhance the effectiveness of the logo, which ultimately defines the event.

Here are tips that will aid the process of designing an effective Event Logo…

  • Start with the definition of the event; usage of symbols and graphics that will be representative of the category in which the event falls under. Choose symbols that will allow viewers to grasp the nature of the experience with just a glance.
  • Usage of fonts and colour is crucial, as it defines the emotions that are attached to the logo. For example, Sans serif fonts and bold primary colours would be commonplace in modern industries, evoking a sense of increased productivity and technological advancement. However, bear in mind that chosen logo colour palette should never conflict with the corporate identity of the client’s brand, only enhance it. The shape of the logo is also a factor in further implementation of the design in marketing material, whether it is for a digital landscape or outdoor marketing. Symmetrical shapes would make the overall design more pleasing to the eye.
  • Keep it fresh and simple – A short tagline partnered with a bright colour and clean font keeps the style memorable. Copywriting for taglines could be essential in differentiating a successful event to the competition.
  • A great logo should be partnered with an effective marketing campaign and efficient event management to produce a successful event. Originality is significant in a user experience that ought to be unique for every client’s brand.