The Thrust of Executive Profiling - being a Trusted Advisor

In today’s world of misinformation, data overload, and blatant contradictions, people are seeking guidance; looking for a voice of experience to help them identify the best way forward.

This voice is the Trusted Advisor, or Thought Leader, whose professional counsel combines common sense and deep experience to offer fresh and different perspectives. This sound advice helps steer companies through times of conflict and contradiction.

Whether it’s professional services or enterprise solutions, being identified as a trusted advisor differentiates and establishes your unique voice, and, of course, builds the brand you represent.

In this piece, we examine what becoming a trusted advisor will do for your company.

What is a trusted advisor and why be one?

Trusted advisors win the respect of their audience through the knowledge they share and guidance backed by proven expertise. This is undoubtedly a commitment, but the end goal is for your opinion to become so valuable that other professionals proactively seek you out when making critical decisions.

The benefits are obvious when you stand out in a crowded and aggressive market. Numerous stakeholders, including customers, prospects, and the media, want to hear from you as a credible voice and act on the counsel you share. This translates into an increased demand for your comments and insights to be publicised in the media and invitations to events.

How do I get there?

  1. Engage with the media (press/reporters) and tell your story. Importantly, think about the business pain points of a publication’s readership and show you understand their position, bringing new ideas and perspectives to help them solve the challenges. 

Successfully engaging the media is a skill of art. Consider these tricks of the trade:

• Be real: Do not just tell the story, but share the journey of what you have learned and your experience in action. A balanced and evidence-based message helps your audience understand what matters and what does not.

• Educate: Do not sell but educate your audience. Share with the intent to clarify, educate, and enhance the listener’s understanding, and you will not go wrong.

• Facts and figures: Being a great storyteller is one thing, but without the facts and data points, you risk being seen as full of hype and hot air. Research and staying updated should be part of your routine.

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  1. Engage with influencers and analysts: Meet other business influencers or Key Opinion Leaders who want alternative perspectives, industry insights, and “gossip” to better inform their opinions and thoughts. Engage with them to influence and expand your perspective, and at the same time, build your name as a domain expert.
  2. Speaking engagements: There are numerous opportunities to build your leadership voice in the industry, but identify these based on the value and access to target audiences that they each offer. Mostly paid opportunities, these are great for establishing your brand as a trusted advisor.
  3. Industry bodies and trade organisations: These focused groups frequently hold regular industry events, providing access to the grassroots in each market. The opportunity to sway opinions and build a platform to influence cannot be overstated.

Would you like to know more?

We bring more than three decades of experience in B2B PR and communication in the Asia Pacific region. To learn how to unlock your potential as a trusted advisor, let us know when would be a good time to speak.