Save the Planet! Go Green!

Be eco-friendly. Turn off the lights. Roll out sustainable programmes.

We are constantly told to look after the environment and this earth of ours. I would like to put it to all that the Earth does not need saving. Its the human race that is rapidly creating a boiling pot of water to live in. Eventually human race will be cooked! So the rallying cry should be “Save the Human Race”.



Business Consulting and Empathy

Counsellors and consultants talk to people telling everyone that cares to listen that they understand. Do they really? How do they put themselves in other people’s shoes to understand intimately and accurately the life changing and threatening challenges that individuals may face? How can a consultant understand what a CEO must feel being in the hot seat being responsible and answerable to the board, the shareholders and employees? Maybe it would useful to seek to understand and allow people to educate. Empathy is better practised when we seek to understand and imagine.

Presidential Elections 2011

The best man won. Interestingly this was the most politically charged for what is largely a ceremonial and custodial position that I had the pleasure to witness. Through the votes the people made the views known to the government. Are we apolitical? No we are growing and  maturing.

Some arguments and discussions from the ground in the run up to the Presidential elections was downright ridiculous and very uninformed.What scared me though was the lack of foresight from many including taxi drivers, hawkers, bell hops to business executives and managers. Do we seriously believe that Singapore will not see riots or social unrests similar to the recent London Riots and the Bersih 2.0 march in KL? What would be the damage to Singapore’s reputation, business and economy? I would urge Singaporeans to be prudent and not go after popular politics.

Relationships make the world go around

Whether its a global agenda like “Saving the Human Race” or business consulting or politics, strong, steady relationships are key to success. They act as the binding agent for long term partnerships, deep understanding and support and collective action. Some candidates succeeded more than others as they had the strong communities that stuck together and communicated better. Technology today is a great leveller and enabler. Relationships have a stronger reach through technology.

BUT the old fashion rules and principles still matter. Relationships are the competitive edge.