Rising prices of homes. Packed trains and packed public spaces. What else is out there in the red dot? Spin doctors will put the blame on the economy. Is that it?

Everyone thinks of this island as a ‘Island of the Business Gods’. Make money, spend money and flush money down the drain too, courtesy of the casinos. Is there all there to it? Does anyone have any sort of emotional attachment to this island or is it all just a corporate smoke and mirror?

The way I see it, the island is thought of as a market economy.  We do not invest in what is considered truly important.

Our educational system is as static as a plain pancake. Since the 60s, we’ve lost the holistic value in our education. We churn out minions who are able to slog for the big corporations but who are not street smart.  We can produce people who can work at the production line but cannot think on their feet.  On the whole, we’ve created a separate class of people who feel entitled to materialistic possessions because they have been to the best schools and work in a supposedly cushy job.

What has happened to the enterprising mindset? Whatever happened to the passion that can make someone arise due to the sheer injustice of society?

We were brought up from young to believe that we can have this and that if we study hard and go to school. However, a growing number of youths throughout the world are realizing all these things are out of their reach because of the way the corporate structure is made. We are going to work in our jobs until we drop dead. Some of us may even have to forego ever owning our own homes.

Have we been let down by the previous generations which came up with the ‘Free Love’ mantra and ended up on Wall Street as barons robbing the corporate coffers?

What do you think?