Remember the times when we started dating ? We paid extreme attention to the other person’s needs and wants. We showered them with attention, care and the constant communication.
We got to know their likes and their dislikes as well as what makes them happy. It was fun and engaging. It was something we looked forward to and were excited about. It kept the communication alive. It is a something we do everyday.

So why don’t we do this for our clients? We can get to know them, learn their wants and needs as well as what makes them happy. At the same time we create a more fun approach to dealing with them. In this new age and rumours of recession, if we treated our clients like our ‘dates’ it would be beneficial I am sure.

Businesses are always looking for the cutting edge to survive in turbulent times. Why not invest in the relationship, make it happy and unique so that your clients remember not only your good work but the personal and human touch you bring to the relationship.

We tend to focus too much on the bottom line when at times we might forget that being human and developing a relationship is a key factor to a winning business.

So the next time you talk to your client, think of it as a date, after all it makes IT more interesting than just a business transaction right?