Are we in control of our time?

We all have had advice on time management and ways to cope with huge workload, but what do they really make sense?

We wish to meet deadlines, stop misplacing important emails or documents, not forget what we have promised our clients and bosses; or even improve at note taking during meetings.

Can we possibly achieve them? How long will that take?

My own experience is that change is a gradual process – The good thing is, every baby step we take towards better time management, we will start having more free time to concentrate on more important matters – in this case, our clients.

Similar to the relationships we have with our parents, friends or partners. It takes time and effort to nurture, enhance, and flourish the relationships we have with our clients.

Time issues or excuses we often face can be simplified by establishing priorities and setting goals when you look at all your time-consuming tasks, letting go of those that are not as important.

Pick up the phone and have regular chats with your clients, like with your friends, find out about their weekend and thoughts regarding certain issues to establish a friendly relationship.

Date your client – for lunches, dinners or even drinks! By making a date, you will set aside special time the relationship deserves. You will be surprised how lively conversations can become when you are out of the office setting.

Little by little, you will start to feel in command and on the top of things, and appreciate the new found additional slots of time you have to nurture the relationship you have with your clients.

Time is the four-letter secret in making any relationship special.