Over the last year  or so, we have seen much clamour from organizations around the world to be politically correct on sustainability, waste management/reduction, environmental friendliness and more.

In short, all these topics have become fashionable as a result of increasing concerns over global warming, the melting polar ice caps and the resultant changes to the environment.

But what does it mean to be green? How would anyone be certain that organizations they care about are actually sincere and not just green washing?

For a start, organizations should look into what it means to be green. To truly advocate the green movement would require an organization to not only provide green technology or services but rather it would mean adopting a green culture within the organization. Simple and fundamental habits such as switching off the lights or turning the power off on computer terminals are just some examples.

In essence, going green would take some extra time and attention from an organization, but the returns would make it all worthwhile. In the long run, organizations stand to gain in terms of maximizing their bottom line and at the same time have the right to claim that they are indeed environmentally responsible.

Small things go a long way, especially when SIX BILLION people get together to do it.