Some days ago, I was having a get together with some buddies of mine for a game of poker. Cards in hand, we were carefully scrutinising each others “poker” faces trying to call a bluff, when we noticed an unusual silence from the television set behind us. Turning around, we realised that Tiger Woods was about to issue a formal statement of apology live on television.

One thing I have learned from my years of poker playing, is how to tell when someone is bluffing. Watching the live telecast, looking closely at his expression, I have to say that Tiger did seem to be truly sorry and  sincere in his claims to turn over a new leaf. He addressed pretty much everything that needed to be clarified and for the large part reiterated his solemn and sincere apology to  practically everyone, from his family to his colleagues,  fellow golfers, his foundation and more.

Some might say that his public apology has been long overdue and I have to agree.  Tiger should not have laid crouched and hidden for so long. Any PR professional would tell you that immediacy and promptness in addressing the public during a crisis is absolutely vital. Tiger certainly could have done much better in terms crisis management. Communication is the key but until his apology, it was sorely lacking.

It is all too easy to come up with excuses and blame it on a problem such as a sex addiction, but in Tigers case, I feel it is a genuine problem. Of course no one can be sure, but if you look at his affairs, all of the women share striking similarities. They are all tall, blonde and beautiful! So the first step he took was to seek professional help and therapy. It did not seem like he was giving an excuse but on the contrary, he displayed much courage in admitting that he had a problem. Hopefully, this Tiger keeps his wood to himself from now on.

Tiger used the word ‘I’ repeatedly, stressing that he is taking full responsibility and ownership as well as to remind everyone that only he is to blame. He played down suspicions of domestic violence and also praised his wife Elin for her grace and support to the family. For Tiger’s sake, lets hope that Elin shows the same strength and character that Hilary Clinton showed her husband Bill.

Being a celebrity, Tiger has to come to terms with the fact that he will always be in the eye of the media. It is the path he chose for himself and there is no turning back. As much as he would like his privacy, I doubt that he would ever get his wish.

I think it’s safe to say that Tiger Woods, given the chance, would relish an opportunity to turn back the clock and avoid making the same mistakes and I am sure he is not alone. Lets face it, all of us at some point in our lives wish we either had done something else, or done it differently. But the reality is, no one can turn back time and all we have is the future to make things right. That is exactly what Tiger intends to do. After all, “what’s done is done” they say, and there is only so much humble pie this Tiger can stomach. What he should focus on now aside from his family, is to get back into the game and return to being the Tiger that the world has known him to be (the golfer & not the womanizer).

I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I was won over. Something about the way he said it gave me the impression that he was not only deeply apologetic, but also regretful and repentant. Kudos to the speech writer too (doubtful he wrote it himself) for conveying a clear and thorough message.

I believe in the Tiger, and believe he’ll do everything he can to make amends for his wrong doings. I truly hope to see him at his peak again one day and if the saying “you can’t keep a good man down” is true, then that day will come sooner or later, just a matter of time.

Good luck TW!