Let the cookfest commence!

Our opening round of lunchtime matches sees William take on Kunalan, Bryan at the stove with Joseph and Olivia up against Angie.

What’s in store? Will Kunalan pitch a fiery south Indian curry against William’s British bangers and mash? We’re predicting a Eurasian devil curry from Bryan, aiming straight for Joseph’s pinoy favourite chicken adobo– and surely Olivia will be looking for maximum Taste Points with a lip-smacking prawn bustador, unless Angie’s scrumptious Mee Pok wins the day!

Well, Food Fans, all that is just stereotyping, isn’t it, (although it sure sounds delicious to your starving Food Ed). Who knows what our first competitors will bring to the table? One thing’s for sure – they’ll give us something to chew on!

Watch this space for news, views and reviews!
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