There’s something cooking along Mohamed Sultan Road!  Is it a new Japanese restaurant?  Has someone opened a tapas bar?

Nothing so commonplace  –the savoury odours are coming from the third floor of the Lam Ann Building, as the Priority Consultants Group tie on their aprons, grab their spatulas and go wok-to-saucepan in the Great Priority Cook-Off!

“We Singaporeans - old citizens and new - love our food,” Priority Group Chief Executive, Kunalan

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” said George Bernard Shaw, and over the next few months the Priority team will be proving the truth of the great man’s adage.

The flavours may be complex, the spices redolent, but the rules are simple and the scoring simpler still.  By the end of December, every Priority team member will have planned, prepared, cooked and presented a dish, in competition with each of their co-workers.  The diners of the day will vote for the dish that best tickles their taste buds, Rosettes are recorded in the league table and at the end of the season the winner will be crowned Priority’s Cordon Bleu Chef!

“We Singaporeans – old citizens and new – love our food,” says Priority Group CEO Kunalan, “and given the chance, we love to cook. The Great Priority Cook-Off combines fun, creativity, healthy competition and good fellowship.  I’m looking forward to a demonstration of unexpected skills – and some delectable Monday lunches.”

Every Monday will see four culinary match-ups, each featuring two Priority cooks. Each competitor will introduce and serve one dish cooked by herself or himself, for the gustatory delight of their fellow workers. The diners award Taste Points out of ten to each dish; the Taste Points are totalled, and the final result of each match-up will produce three Rosettes for a win or one Rosette for a draw.

The League Table will evolve each week, just like the football Premiership, until everyone has competed once with everyone else. At the end of the season the winner will receive a dinner for two at a restaurant in Marina Bay Sands as well as the adulation of his or her fans, while the least favorite cook will get – what else? A wooden spoon!



* Fixtures for September – December 2012 to be released shortly!