The Great Priority Cook-Off got off to a zesty start on July 16th, with spicy dishes and tasty surprises galore!

We learned a lot too – for instance, Olivia taught those of us who didn’t already know, that Shepherd’s Pie is not only comfort food for Little Englanders, but a Eurasian favourite.  (The secret, food fans, is to make sure you use a freshly picked shepherd….)

The most unusual treat, perhaps, was Joseph’s Spicy Beef Kaldereta. This complex, Spanish-influenced dish is a staple at Philippines religious fiestas. Priority’s foodies were smacking their lips over the chunks of tender beef harmonizing with veggies and scorching chillis, with the surprising addition of cheddar cheese.

The day’s most acclaimed dish, however, was Kunalan’s South Indian Chicken Curry. There must be countless versions of this classic, but Kunalan’s Andhra Curry used coconut milk, fresh spices and goat’s milk yoghurt to create a truly delicious winner.

Also enjoyed by the gang, but trailing behind in the points score, were Angie’s Minced Meat with Mushroom and Egg, and William’s Spicy Mushroom and Capsicum Spaghetti.

Our first group of battling chefs have set the bar high – we can hardly wait for next Monday’s feast!

The Winners of Week 1Kunalan, Olivia, Joseph & Joy.
All 4 winners will be awarded 4 Rosettes and pushed to the top of the table!

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