One way to manage stress is to stop worrying about things you can’t change. The past falls decisively into this category and not worrying about “yesterday” and what one did or didn’t do, is a huge step forward. Likewise, worrying about a future beyond one’s control, is usually more debilitating and stressful, than the actuality if and when it does arrive.

Yesterday was a platform upon which we hopefully learned something; lessons to take into tomorrow and experience that should stand the test of many more tomorrows. Likewise, in today’s crazy market – waiting for “normal” to return is a recipe for stress and as very few of us have the kind of power needed to make that happen in any event, it falls into the “can’t change” basket.

So, while we can’t change the world, everyone has the power to make personal changes and inevitably the new normal will still require products and services although smart thinking suggests at a streamlined cost and with more tangible benefits. All that energy spent being “stressed” could be better spent in building skills, reaching out to new people and reviving some old business contacts.

So, as an employer or an employee, all the tools are literally at everyone’s fingertips and the same rules apply. Now’s the time to explore what and how to make a difference when the pendulum swings again, as it inevitably will, and keeping our stakeholders fearful and uninformed isn’t the answer. Through collaboration there’s a huge amount of brain power that can pull together to learn from yesterday and prepare for tomorrow.