Loyal and committed customers to be invited to exclusive program to benefit from Avocent’s knowledge, infrastructure and resources

Singapore, 23 June 2009 – Avocent Corporation (NASDAQ: AVCT), a global leader in IT operations management, today announced the launch of the Avocent® Solitaire Club, an exclusive and unique special privilege program for its loyal and long-standing customers in Asia Pacific. This is the first time the IT Operations Management solution provider has offered an invitation-only loyalty programme to the Asia-Pacific market.

“Our goal at Avocent is to share a more intuitive and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers in the Asia Pacific region. The Solitaire Club will escalate and enhance our customer interaction in a variety of engagements including senior executive briefings, joint benchmark and capability testing and the Avocent Solitaire Club Asia Pacific Thought Leadership Roundtable,” said Ryan Sia, Vice President, Asia Pacific of Avocent.

According to Christine Tee, Director of Marketing, Avocent Asia Pacific, “This is a tangible way of extending and deepening our relationships with our premier customers. We get to understand our customers’ challenges, develop solutions in support of these challenges, dedicate resources and partners to bring them greater value and relevance.”

The Avocent Solitaire Club program for customers is designed to make customers who are members feel that their business needs are taken care of through a superior customer loyalty experience that offers unmatched value, premium recognition and unique rewards.

In addition to being assigned dedicated Avocent Relationship Managers and partners in privileged pre and post services, members of the Solitaire Club are entitled to exclusive invitations to key strategic marketing events such as the Avocent Asia Pacific Thought Leadership Roundtable.

The Avocent Asia Pacific Thought Leadership Roundtable initiative is an interactive discussion and forum led by Avocent’s senior executives from the Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) and Chief Technology Officer’s (CTO) organisations. The Roundtable will engage customers to provide them with an opportunity to review business processes and technologies that work, learn about cost control solutions and improve insight into profitability to realize the full potential of their businesses.

Market leader and global player

“It is a grand vision becoming a reality for Avocent, not only are we interested in the bottom line, it is our next focus to ensure Avocent’s customers are provided with the solutions to solve their business challenges and also the service they deserve. Avocent is here to foster closer customer relationships, placing them in the forefront of our priority. Doing the things we do now and doing them better will take us far especially in this climate, said Michael Borman,” Chief Executive Officer of Avocent.

Other aspects of the Avocent Solitaire Club privileges include the one to one relationship model that Avocent will roll out to these loyal and committed organisations with a view to understanding the customers’ businesses intimately. Only through this in-depth and intimate understanding can Avocent truly partner with customers and deliver solutions that can add value, enable customers to truly benefit from IT infrastructure investment and ensure a mutually beneficial longer term relationship.

“As a company we are significantly invested in technology innovation, research and development. As such to make a real impact and be relevant from a technology development point of view, especially in tight and difficult market conditions, it is imperative that we establish deep and meaningful relationships with our customers. This Avocent Solitaire club will enable members to come together as part of a technology interest group to further research goals and initiatives as well as acquire up-to-date market trends and information, said Borman”

For more information on Avocent’s Solitaire Club, please visit http://www.avocent-asia.com/sc/


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