Hello again from Priority’s Kitchen Confidential!

A week away from the bubbling soup cauldrons, the sizzling woks and the seething skillets has given Priority’s culinary shock troops a chance to scrub the gravy stains from their aprons, polish their spatulas and plot their strategies for the resumption of gastronomic hostilities this coming Monday, October 1st.

We’ve already seen how the cunning presentation of a scrumptious dessert can score major points when all the other dishes are savoury.

One of us learned that a rich soup – in theory a nailed-on winner – proved too buttery for the taste buds of the Priority Diners judging panel.

And we have definitely learned that Priority likes it HOT – curries (both meat and vegetarian) and sambals are sure-fire winners.

Will Week Twelve’s contests follow this pattern, or will some daring chef break the mould and score with a beautifully presented but bland-tasting example of fusion cuisine?

Here are the Week Twelve match-ups:

Angelia (3 – 2) vs William (2 – 2)

Joy (0 – 5) vs Nolan (3 – 2)

Kunalan (5 – 0) vs Constance (2 – 3)

The burning question is – will somebody, somehow, manage to put a stop to Kunalan’s unbeaten run?

Watch this space……