Relationships have always been crucially important in Asian societies – think of Chinese Clan Associations, India’s Community Clubs, the extended families of the Malays, the lifetime company loyalty of the Japanese. Relationships – with the responsibilities and obligations they entailed – were traditionally clear cut. They were perhaps narrow, but very deep. Today, however, we have a generation of Western-influenced youngsters who will send literally trillions of texts this year, who list hundreds of “friends” on Facebook, who tweet constantly – if often inanely. These are relationships of an entirely different nature – very broad but, I would suggest, very shallow. On one hand this outreach and interaction can be seen as a positive development; on the other it represents a dilution of traditional values. As a businessman, I use and value all these new tools every day; as the father of an 11 year old daughter, I see them as potentially an obstacle to her development into a firmly grounded, well-balanced, reasoning adult. What do you think?