Two guest judges and two head-to-heads later,
the competition came to a boil on 30 July

Guest reporter: Francis Hung

Trash-talk began to rear its ugly head as the eight contestants fought hard to take each other down – all in good fun of course! Our #1 contestant from Lucky Plaza – Joseph, was more than happy to parade around the floor with a handheld banner he created. Good on you mate! The spicy taunts from Kunalan didn’t get you down!

The winners for this week were Gerlynn, Olivia, Kunalan, Sharmini and Kairavi. They gave a good show as guest judges, Jane Prior and Eric Brown were pleasantly surprised by the array of colourful dishes on display. “Do you all do this every week? Wow, that’s really impressive!” said Eric.

Spot on Eric! There’s definitely no doubting the effort – from Sharmini’s Banana Crumble to Gerlynn’s meat-tofu dish, each contestant brought their own favourites to the table and boy were they amazing.

The Champion for this round was Kairavi with her popular roadside snack, Bhelpuri. Being an iconic dish of Western India, Bhelpuri is a low-fat, nutritious, crunchy and spicy potpourri of puffed rice, vegetables and spices.

Special commendation goes out to Olivia’s peanut sauce which in Jane’s words, “made the dish”.

Ending off the meal with the only dessert, was Sharmini’s Banana crumble. It was a sweet but not overpowering finish to the cookoff as the judges pondered over their scores and feedback.

Stay tuned for next week’s battle; there’s no telling what surprises lay in store…