After Week Three’s foray into the delights of High Tea, Week Four will see a return to more robust fare. Only three match-ups this time; the first fixture pits Joy against Constance – both lady chefs have a perfect score so far.

The second duel will be between Joseph (who has a 1 and 1 win-loss record) and Francis, whose loss last time out was felt by many to be quite unfair given the exceptional nature of his Kee Zhang. Time for the Quiet Man of Priority to sharpen his spatula and get down and dirty!

The final match-up for Week Four sees Bryan seeking to change his fortunes in a contest with Nolan.  To date, Bryan has cooked twice and lost twice!  Is this bad luck or is he just a lousy cook?  Monday will tell – and uh oh, Nolan – a winner last time out – is looking supremely confident.

Watch this space, food fans, for all the results, league table and more!

Send us your recipes and we’ll get our kitchen kings and queens to try their hand at your favourite!