I have always been proud of my good old macbook that has survived my violent typing over the last couple of years. Plus it always gave me a feeling like I was savvy and kept up with the tech times…..until my recent visit to Sim Lim Square.

As I proudly placed my 5.2 pounds macbook on the table, the sales guy, also a good friend chuckled to himself. Out of curiosity, I asked the reason for his reaction. He said “This laptop is old….you are so out of date!”

As I sat there, obviously annoyed, waiting for him to rectify the problem of why my laptop was running slowly, I looked around the shops and it seriously hit me like a tsunami.
Just when you think you have seen the highest definition television, the thinnest laptop and every tablet screen size possible, someone in consumer electronics comes along and tops it, as if simply to prove it can be done. It is as if recession isn’t looming in the horizon. Tons of make up on an actor/actress we once found immaculate once can no longer cheat high definition television!
The fact that manufacturers feel the need to compete with Apple and to persuade consumers that they must have something new is driving this innovation. This is evident in our daily lives, when you switch on the television, read the papers, walk around town and even when you wait for your ancient laptop to get resuscitated! We are indefinitely slaves to consumerism.

The jump in technology is becoming more profound. Before you know it, we will be able to teleport ourselves to another country/dimension at a single command in a smartphone.

By this time next year, the iPad2 will be out of date, passe, so yesterday, forgotten like an ex lover that was nice but could not fulfill your needs for now.

What do you think the next product will be to get the whole world talking?