In a recent study by Bentley University, 59% of business decision makers gave recent college graduates a “C grade” or lower for preparedness for their first job. To compound that, 68% of corporate recruiters believed that millennials proved to be difficult to manage for their organisations.

With Generation Y likely to make up the majority of the workforce by 2025, should companies worry about having these “unprepared misfits” milling around in the office pantry?

That depends on how a company deals with them. Generation Y might balk at fixed hours, red tape and strict hierarchies, but they are also keen multitaskers, tech-savy, creative and goal orientated.  With 74% of non-millennials agreeing that millennials offer different skills and work styles that add value to a company, boardroom success will ultimately depend on how well the unique skills of millennials are cultivated and focused. At the end of the day, some old fashioned work ethics will deliver great work.