“The greatest joy is working with young talent, coaching and watching them evolve and surprise themselves by what they’ve learned.” – Jane Prior Priority Consultants


Jane Prior is originally from the UK and flew halfway across the world to establish a regional communications consulting firm, Priority Consultants in Singapore. As the founder of Priority Consultants, Jane has a proven track record at driving corporate change and specializes in Crisis Communications, Leadership Communications, Business Leadership, Enterprise Communications, Marketing, and Change Management.

Also, Jane has the rare ability to handle business challenges from conceptualising solutions to successful execution. She is a business enabler with a proven ability in crossing cultural and social divides to coach senior leadership teams and engage with key stakeholders at every level. To top it all off, she is a charismatic and passionate communicator, with the ability to sweep everyone along with her enthusiasm.

Delivering on a personal commitment, Jane grew a small health-sector non-profit organisation into a major national brand with established partnerships across the education, government and enterprise sectors which she candidly shares in the podcast.

Let’s get to know more about Jane on “Your Brand Your Story’s Authentic Conversations with Jane Prior”.

The article was first published on Marketing in Asia.


Empower your spokespeople through training on media relations and effective communication skills. If you are interested to have Jane coach your leadership team, get in touch here.