Whether you are selling consumer health products or wealth management services or even enterprise technology solutions, it is vital that you and your company are seen as a trusted advisor and partner.

In this piece we examine what becoming a trusted advisor will do for you and your organisation.

1. Deliver Real News!

In this age, when one finds it hard to distinguish between “fake news” and “real news”, we are presented with the opportunity to help our fellow netizens distinguish what is fact and fiction.

In providing an organised, measured and factually grounded view supported by data, we position ourselves as the purveyor of information that can be verified and validated.

From there it is a matter of weaving a compelling story that connects key issues that pre-occupy the “hearts and minds” of people. Through empathy, care and measured advice we can be seen as helping people make a change or, at the very least, make an informed decision.

2. Educate to build

If all we do is present data to validate and verify, are we truly serving the best interests of our audience?

Educating our audiences including customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders, takes many forms.

But whatever the form, if we do not attempt to educate and increase their knowledge, we do them a disservice. And ultimately it comes back to bite! So sharing, with a view to clarify, educate and improve the other party’s knowledge and understanding will always stand you in good stead.

3. Facts and Figures

Decisions are made on facts and figures, not hunches or gut-feelings anymore! Gone are the days when we felt a good decision.

Today courtesy of Big Data and analytics, we are able to review past performances, predict future cycles and patterns as well as take pre-emptive action.

As a spokesperson for an organisation, while being a great storyteller will make you charismatic, engaging and even charming, one risks being branded a “Snake Oil Salesman” if the stories are divorced from all reality, facts and statistics. This is especially so in the world of business communications.

Many spokespeople struggle to maintain the middle ground of the spectrum – between being pedantic and extremely factual and being fanciful and completely fact free. However, coaching, training and being constantly updated on relevant Facts and Figures will definitely help!