In the Philippines, EDSA People Power Revolution is a special public holiday that is celebrated every February 25 since the year 2010. The anniversary marks the commemoration of the restored democracy that people had long been denied under the former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos.

The peaceful revolution occurred in the capital of the country, Manila, from February 22 – 25, 1986. It was the day where the Filipino people in a show of solidarity, empowerment, and strength gathered in EDSA and many central parts of Manila with the one common goal; to free the nation from the dictatorship.

The “revolution that surprised the world” brought an end to the 21-year long authoritarian and corrupt rule of Marcos and finally resulted in the victory for the Filipino people. It also saw the country’s first woman president, Corazon Aquino being voted in by the people representing new hope for the Philippines.

Few years after the revolution, the EDSA Shrine or Mary Queen of Peace Shrine People Power Monument was built to remember the powerful people’s revolution and serve as hope for future generations.

The 32nd People Power Revolution

This year a former president, Fidel V. Ramos led the commemoration of the 32nd anniversary stating in his speech “there should be no Ilocanos, Davaoeños, Cebuanos, Illonggos (different regions of and peoples of Philippines). We are all Filipinos.”

The Philippines celebrate People Power Revolution by gathering at the EDSA Shrine in Manila, wearing yellow to attend commemorative speeches, concerts and church services dedicated to the democracy of the country.


*Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN News