Three Key Lessons About Content Marketing From Yesterday

While at breakfast reading the Singapore Straits Times I came across a full-on article about a lady from Bangkok finding a deep fried lizard in her sealed packet of “fish skin” crisps (Singapore delicacy – don’t ask) and the disgust that had generated for her and her family.

I also read with interest, the response from the brand and how they had communicated their embarrassment, the apologies, and the resolution of the problem. I thought they had handled it rather well and in a manner that enhanced the reputation of the brand.

But what struck me was the irony of the woman who had purchased a pack of fish skin crisps flavoured, coated and deep fried at high temperature, finding an equally deep fried, coated and flavoured lizard in her pack.

This in Bangkok, a city renowned for their more than “lively” culinary delights readily available on street corners – some of which include deep fried grubs, beetles, caterpillars, crickets (cicada), cockroaches and more.

Being the ever ready digital communicator, I thought I’d share it with my LinkedIn network, and other social media assets, a quirky and ironic way of waking up to the day.

My small commentary attached to the full article reference from the Straits Times was posted on my LinkedIn wall and other social media assets. It was posted at about 10.30am Singapore time.

By noon, the post had attracted more than 800 views and more than 600 likes. By the close of the day the number had jumped to 1100 and counting. With a full on discussion and comments discussing whether it was a publicity stunt from the crisps brand.

The numbers were impressive. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 250% increase in views from my previous successful post (Post on Post – PoP)
  • 240% increase in number of likes PoP
  • 190% increase in number of views of my profile
  • Traffic to our company website increased by 54%

I was gobsmacked and impressed at the same time. The numbers were encouraging and validated what I have known and practiced all of my professional life. Content is king.  

But more importantly, I asked myself what else did I learn, from this simple exercise. These three insights were my nuggets:

1. Topical content is KING – content promoting a brand or selling the features do not work. Contextual, relevant and topical content is key.

It has been said countless times that it is not about what you know but what they want to hear and discuss. This is critical to content marketing success. I have lost track the number of times that marketers and content generators miss opportunities to hear and listen to their audience before pushing out content.

2. Timeliness – I know this has been said and it is almost a cliché. But once again many marketers delay and miss the crucial windows of opportunity by trying to be perfect in the messaging, design and packaging. Sometimes timeliness and authenticity can deliver better value (results) than a slick piece of packaging.

My post with its less than stellar positioning and all was a post on a quirky thought and observation – that is why it was authentic and real – according to one reader to whom I spoke.

3. Humour and authentic thoughts actually works – would you believe it!

Readers want to hear your thoughts not someone else’s. My post was about my take on life and view of the irony. Many business leaders and marketers merely parrot the company brand message when they re-hash the corporate content or canned statements.

It has to be emotive or provoking – sometime funny, quirky, real and my take on the story. That resonated and inspired comments, likes and shares.

That is why at Priority Consultants when we write content we start by understanding our audience; we speak to the people who deal with them daily, we seek to appreciate their concerns, challenges and quirks before we start the content creation process.

The piece whatever form it may be must address some fundamental need to be effective. To address the business challenge in the most basic way to initiate a response and an opportunity to interact. That is the basis and genesis of the learning, buying journey for the business customer.

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