The Sochi Winter Olympics this year did not get off to the best start with all the cold reports of unfinished hotel rooms, stray dogs running wild and incomplete construction.

But if you think about it, there have been numerous instances of negative reviews and criticism during such major events in the past. It is almost expected that something, somewhere would go wrong and there would always be someone to write about it. Take Beijing, South Africa or even London for example.

Anyone experienced in the planning and execution of events will probably also be a firm believer in Murphy’s Law. The fact is, hiccups do occur and more often than not, things just don’t go to plan. However, that does not mean that all is doomed for failure. Proper preparation, planning, making back-up plans and analyzing possible pain points all go a long way in minimizing if not mitigating the risk of an unforeseen situation or something going wrong.

The Winter Olympics is at its half-way point now and things are looking up, except for the weather apparently. Recent reports have highlighted unfavorable warm temperatures at Sochi. Well…I guess some things are just out of our hands…