“The preparation of good food is merely another expression of art, one of the joys of civilized living,” said Dione Lucas, the first ever female graduate of Le Cordon Bleu.

Well, we’re sure doing some civilized living every Monday lunch-time, even if our chefs – female and male – fall just a little bit short of Cordon Bleu standard!

Week Six was a real game-changer.  Some of our cellar-dwellers came back with a bang and zoomed up the table. William’s eggplant in tomato, garlic and onion sauce was a huge hit and propelled him to a solid mid-table ranking. Amelia’s “kisses” from Italy – a sweet chocolate confection – likewise saw her pull away from the bottom of the table.  However, Kunalan continued his unbeaten run, crushing poor Angie’s Fried Rice with an exotic North African Tajine.

So Week Six is shaping up as a crucial indicator for the rest of the season.

Since Monday is a public holiday, the fixtures will take place on Tuesday August 21st.  First up is a real grudge match between Francis and Constance.  Constance is unbeaten, and despite his best efforts, Francis still has zero points on the board!  This could get really ugly… Francis gets a second chance to redeem himself by matching his culinary smarts against Gerlynn, and the crowd is beginning to root for the underdog! Come on, Francis!!!

Back from vacation, Angelia storms into the fray looking to improve on her 1 – 1 win/loss record. She will be competing with Bryan, languishing at 1 win and 2 losses.

Week Six’s final fixture sees Nolan (1-1) take on Joseph (2 – 1). Will Joseph produce another ethnic masterpiece from the Philippines? Will Nolan repeat his earlier triumph with his dry Mee Siam speciality?

You’ll have to join us to find out – welcome one and all to the Great Priority Cook Off!!!