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The Importance Of Honest Communication



Nolan Ovinis, Client Services Director of Priority Consultants was featured in Storm Asia business section on June 15, 2020, titled “The Importance Of Honest Communication”.


Here is Nolan’s comment as featured in Storm Asia:

The key to a return to anything like normality is “trust”.

Employees and customers alike must be able to trust and have the confidence that it is business as usual. They need to feel they are taken care of and this has to be communicated in a very assuring way.

Having a robust and ongoing communications plan is needed for both their external and internal audiences. Our advice to them is to be clear on the direction and chart it on a regular basis to ensure your messages of trust and confidence are delivered to the right audience using the right channels.

Businesses should maintain transparent, open communications with regard to their crisis management plans and how they are working towards a return to some form of normality. That they have made all the necessary fortifications on the health and safety of their people and will begin meeting their customers’ needs once more.

They should briefly recap the measures they took to protect staff and customers during the lockdown and give details of the steps being taken now, in compliance with government/regulatory guidelines, as they move towards a lifting of proximity and mobility restrictions.

Finally we urge companies to view and continue communications as an integral part of life at the organisation. Not just a short or medium term requirement.

Increased communications with employees and customers increases productivity, loyalty and commitment to a common goal. Transparency increases trust and unites the organisation on that common goal.


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