Priority Consultants in Business Times’ Views From The Top – Showing care and concern during a pandemic

Kunalan Chakravarthy, Chief Executive of Priority Consultants was featured in Business Times’ “Views from the Top” section on May 11, 2020, titled Showing care and concern to employees during a pandemic.

Topic:  How may employers best support their staff’s mental well-being, especially in a crisis?

Here is Kunalan’s comment as featured in The Business Times’ Views from the Top

This pandemic and the current conditions make for a very stern test of leaders and managers. The key to success is to listen and hear our people. Empathy-deficient managers and leaders will execute tone-deaf actions and not communicate.

Employees are our star assets. They are the key to any organisation successfully navigating through the post-pandemic recession. In being able to identify the mental stress and fatigue we will be experiencing, courtesy of our disrupted lives, we can arrive at a common ground that can help managers and leaders connect.

Only by connecting and letting people know how much we as leaders care and not how much we know, can leaders strengthen the collective, excite and prepare the group for the fight as well as gain the strength of heart to fight alongside them for a strong future.


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