Human beings err all the time, but for the famous and those  in the spotlight, these errors seem magnified. Apologising to all involved is the first step towards repairing  the fragile bridges burnt in brief moments of folly and obviously, it’s imperative to do whatever else it takes to clean up the mess and find some resolution to the issue.

We’ve had Tiger Woods in the spotlight once again, this time addressing his audience and apologising through the media. While there has been much criticism and debate about his apology and the integrity thereof, there’s no doubt that Tiger is trying to ‘repair’ the damage and get his life back on track.

While standing up and apologising is one action, on the other end of the equation we have… silence…nothing!  Oh the beauty of silence, which can be golden but in times of trouble, is often seen as evasive or simply running away. Tiger’s apology has perhaps set the first stone in place for the recovery process, but the same definitely can’t be said for John Terry.

Perhaps it’s not yet time to say sorry or make an announcement with so much distress and turmoil surrounding him. However, the media bandwagon will keep plowing through, and sooner rather than later for me would be the best approach.

So what say you John Terry?