Print double sided, recycle the papers, plastics, cans and what have you. Keep your air con temperature to 25 degrees Celsius and switch off the lights and switches when not in use.

Does all these sound familiar? Well, such small acts actually help to save the planet and isn’t that what we all want. To have a place to call home.

I was not a believer of such practices but after researching and realising that human activity are the ones that have altered the earth’s climate – I believe. The burning of fossil fuels, use of aerosols, and cement manufacturing are the three largest contributors to the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, which produces the “greenhouse effect”, warming the earth. This global warming leads to increased melting of the ice covering both poles, which means that sea levels are rising. The result is that many population centers built on low-lying ground will be submerged in the next century !

Does that not scare you? Well it does scare me. So now i practice green habits and I am sure it is the right thing to be done as companies are now more focused on green technology, having manufactured green cars that run on electricity rather than fuel. Many Companies are now measuring their carbon footprint and understand impact on the environment and its costs.

A few weeks ago, I remember reading an article on graduates who rate a company’s initiative in going green as part of their top criteria for joining an organisation.

Well, I am not just jumping on the bandwagon for the sake of it. I am making an informed decision. Maybe you should too.