Priority Consultants’ diversity is our strength. It is also a challenge! Imagine – more than fifty talented, ambitious executives, spread across 12 cities in eight countries, speaking 14 different languages, belonging to multiple different cultures – how on earth do we keep everyone in this extravaganza aligned to and motivated by the same set of working values
and goals?


Our people who are our Culture advocates – whose mission is to help engender and promote an inclusive, diverse work environment and agenda – decided to look at three key aspects that were important to colleagues, clients and partners:


Time is defined and imagined differently in different cultures, nations, environments and situations. What for one group is defined as urgent may have a very different definition and outcome for others in another part of the world.


The broad definition of Time in this instance with our Culture Committee, was meeting deadlines. Regardless of the nature of the work, be it getting a media note out on time, or generating a report, our advocates distilled this into the most basic tenets of time – keep your promise to be on time as defined and agreed by both you and the person with whom you were interacting.


That might involve approvals or a sign-off from a supervisor or a client in a totally different time zone; when it’s 6.00am in California what’s the time in Singapore, Bangkok and Delhi?


So “On Time” refers to all three of our “clients” – the firms that engage us, our media partners and our colleagues. On Time is choreographing the steps with all these dance partners.



Next the team of advocates focused on the PLAN. We need to have a plan to arrive at a destination or outcome – again be it for clients, for colleagues or our partners. An agreement of mutual success. To get to that point a plan defines the steps, the direction and the speed with which we work. But more importantly, it also shows all involved what success looks like.

Every plan should be “bullet-proof”, with an answer for every “So What?” and an angle for every “What If?” and our 90-day client plans come with KPIs. It is not just talk, our performance is public and measurable.

And finally,


The promise is a big word. Carries with it the weight or responsibility and commitment. It is about being dedicated to the cause and delivering on what one said one will do. We have all been inculcated on how important “keeping one’s promises” is to our standing as good people.

Our culture committee advocates decided to deliberately steer clear of management words like “commitment” or “dedication”; rather to amplify that child-like sense of horror at the very idea of breaking a “promise” to a client or a colleague or a partner.

Our Pledge

“I pledge to deliver great quality work based on the plan and delivered on time which fulfils the promises we make. This badge shows mu commitment to our clients, my colleagues and our partners and safeguards the reputation of our team.”

In short – On Time, On Plan, On Promise.

And to underline that black and white world of childhood, we have the pledge awards! Our team has designed a set of badges to recognise and reward the behaviours that meet this Pledge. They’ll be awarded strictly on merit and we’re sure they’ll be treasured as symbols of a commitment to a set of values and a way of working that puts clients – of every group – first, every time, all the time.