Hong San See Temple – Singapore

Hands-On time in our Singapore HQ

Based in Caloocan in the Philippines, I am excited to share about my first time trip to Singapore. Firstly, it is such a vibrant and diverse city, with so many things to see and do and I was literally excited with everything – the trains, the buildings, the food, and the people!

During the time I spent working in the office, I was honored and grateful to be part of the Hand Pledge ceremony. This is especially meaningful for me as a member of our Culture Committee where we are working together across all our different countries and cultures to inculcate trust, understanding, and live up the core values. Looking at my handprint on the wall, I can’t believe that two years have passed since I joined Priority and this mark reminded me that I am part of a larger group of professionals all working towards the same set of goals.

There was not a lot of time to explore many of the cultural and historical attractions, but one of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Hong San See Temple. This national monument is literally in the grounds of the office building and was the first Singapore building to win an Award of Excellence in the 2010 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation. Its many intricate carvings deliver a new perspective of “Living Asia”, and it has been beautifully preserved to showcase the beauty of Chinese-style architecture.

Sharing a meal and a smile with some of the Singapore team. @isabel @zhongCi @leonard @diana @jewel

Working remotely in the Philippines, this trip was also my chance to meet in person many of the people I have come to know well but only as faces on a screen during “Teams” meetings and via instant Cliq messages. Meeting my colleagues in person, eating together, and sharing stories were among the highlights plus I get to collaborate on some exciting projects.

I learned a lot from everyone and left inspired by their passion and commitment. I’m looking forward to working with everyone more in the future and continuing our friendship across borders.

The Priority People Team – Diana, Jane and Jewel