Having marked my fourth decade on this blue planet of ours, I thought perhaps it would be an ideal time to do some thing truly momentous (at least in my world). So I signed up for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Yes all 42 kilometres, 26 miles, all 6 hours of it.

Now to the running…..Oh.

Like a true trooper, I checked out the running guides, regimes, plans and programmes on the internet, duly downloaded one and decided to stick to it.

Now it says to start running lightly – about 5 kilometres per day, 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks. Gosh – I can hardly run for more that 15 minutes (3.9 km) as it is. How is this going to happen?

On another note, my telling folks about this quest has generated interesting results. Lots of encouragement, admiration, incredulity (mostly from friends who cannot picture me doing long distance running), and some challenges. It has been fun and in fact it has helped motivate me to do the running and keep up the regime to ensure I “do not let these people down”.

I have been asked to start a blog entry on my progress and how I get on – I am not sure about this yet and a Vlog has been also mooted. Not sure where all these will end up but 42.195 kilometres – here I come.