Flexible working and workspaces are now a keenly discussed topic in many developed cities and regions of the world. But in Jakarta it is rapidly becoming vital and critical for employees, businesses and all concerned to think about flexible working.

With a burgeoning city population straining the available infrastructure, transportation woes and traffic snarls are a common refrain for locals working in Jakarta.


Furthermore, traffic jams in Jakarta are believed to result in a loss of IDR 65 trillion each year to the economy, which also impacts in a loss of productivity of employees who are affected by the worsening traffic.

Businesses are also greatly afflicted by other infrastructure issues in the country. Aside from transportation, the cost of real estate in Indonesia continues to spike up; reaching up to IDR 20-27 million per square meter in commercial areas. Prices of such spaces can be prohibitive enterprises especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups which make up over 60% of the local economy in Jakarta.

Fortunately, the rise of flexible workspace and co-working spaces are innovative solutions that aim to help both businesses and employees increase productivity and lessen costs by providing them alternative option to come to work within a few minutes from home.

Flexible working and workspace solutions leader, Regus, is engaging influencers and key stakeholders in the country to change the way Indonesians think about work and business.

With over 3,000 locations worldwide and over 23 centres in Indonesia, Regus represents a significant piece of the workspace solutions market in the country. Through a series of business conversations with key stakeholders from local industries, trade associations, business councils, real estate owners and developers and the media, Regus is educating the country’s captains of industry and commerce.

Vijayakumar Tangarasan, country head for Regus Indonesia, presenting the value proposition and success stories shaping key trends in developed markets that have enabled enterprises to gain competitive advantage and sustainable results.


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