It’s interesting to work with individuals from different places and backgrounds and I’m glad to have the opportunity to be exposed to new cultures and learn about traditions from other parts of the world. My first experience was during my tertiary education when I worked with a classmate from Myanmar and later  when I joined the hospitality industry, I naturally got exposure to more foreigners and people from all walks of life.

At Priority I work closely with our partners from the region and I still find it very refreshing to see the diversity of working styles; each bringing the potential for synergy and learning. Working with them remotely also has  its challenges and it’s certainly not always straightforward but it’s the hurdles we have to conquer that make the experiences even more valuable.

Understanding different values helps us to understand how and why individuals  behave in certain ways in turn helping us work more effectively together and benefit from those differences. Adapting to alternative styles certainly made it easier to work with my international colleagues, increased my knowledge and enhanced my interpersonal skills but most if all, it gave me a broader perspective of the world that I am in.