I’m beginning to think that Facebook is toxic.

It begins by enticing you with the latest gossip among your friends, the ability to stalk check out friends’ profiles (without being tracked down like Friendster), and then  introduces you to time-consuming and brainless games like “pets society”, “spot the difference” and “mafia wars”.

With the growing popularity of “social media”, facebook has successfully wormed its way into the workplace.

At work, I’m creating groups, trying to garner traffic & understand the psychology behind a facebook user like myself. At home (or anywhere else), I’m prying at my friends’ private (but online) lives, satisfying both curiousity and gossip with a simple click.

Facebook is the perfect tool to keep in touch with people from pre-school playmates to business associates, and yet it undermines human interaction by putting actual, face-to-face meetings at the backseat.

With everyone so absorbed in our little blue profiles, it does leave me wondering what legacy Facebook actually gives to mankind…

A new & savvy tool for communications or lower standards of face-to-face interaction?