We Deliver Sustained Results that Support the Bottom Line

We started in 1985 when the world was getting its first peep into the Internet and global companies were expanding into Asia; when Singapore won the lion’s share of global enterprises starting up their regional operations and all of Asia was booming.

That is where we came in as a Public Relations agency to help these companies get to market. We listened, we learned and aligned ourselves with the sectors still driving Asia today, technology, logistics, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and professional services.

Since those early days, change has been the one constant. Our work has expanded to support clients right across Southeast Asia and India region and today our Priority people are in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam and across India.

During this time, technology has tilted the world on its axis bringing us capabilities beyond our early dreams and cementing our niche in tech PR. Data and insights are the building blocks of our highly targeted and structured campaigns allowing us to measure impact and results. Our engagement methodology, which plans centrally and rolls out regionally gives our clients a single point of contact allowing them to focus on other agendas while we deliver the results through integrated marketing communications and content writing that supports their bottom line.

We understand the business of our clients, we speak their language in a digital world and through smart omnichannel communications programmes, we deliver results.

  Delivering Results

We measure outcomes, not just outputs. Our strategic rigour comes from truly understanding our client’s business, the markets they’re operating in and the audiences they are trying to influence.

 Aligning with our Clients

We become an extension of the businesses we work for and by understanding our clients’ business needs, we build trust and understanding. Our relationships are built to last and built to grow.

  Being Accountable

At the core we know we must be accountable. We work for businesses and organisations that are accountable and answerable. We are partners in this with our clients.

  Taking Responsible

Everyone is encouraged to take responsibility and to work towards success. We celebrate it, we revere it. This attracts cool, fun and highly motivated people (bossy really). We like our crew.