35 Years of Public Relations Success.. ..In the fastest growing region in the world

35 Years of Public Relations Success.. ..In the fastest growing region in the world

Our reputation for delivering outstanding results is built on

three pillars

Local Knowledge:

We are an Asian public relations and communications firm. Since 1985 we have helped companies build their brands across Southeast Asia and India. Our territory includes some of the world’s youngest and fastest growing economies and we understand the unique challenges and also opportunities they represent. We Live Asia!

Domain Expertise:

We understand the sectors that are driving Asia’s growth; from enterprise technology to logistics, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, healthcare, and professional services. We know how businesses work - from startups to regional and global enterprises - and we bring our counsel to help you achieve your goals.

Proven Methodology:

Data-driven insights are the building blocks of our campaigns, letting us measure impact and results in the digital native world here in Asia. Our engagement methodology keeps things simple, from a single point of contact for central planning before cascading knowledge regionally, saving you time and budget.


A Public Relations partner who understands your business and the cultural melting pot of Asia and India.

Public relations

Being able to influence across languages, territories, markets and cultures is critical to success in Asia. Our targeted and strategic approach to communications helps build brand awareness with measurable success and results.

Content generation

We create the content that tells your story, moving your audience’s senses and emotions. We immerse ourselves in the creative process to produce content that is meaningful, that motivates and that connects.


A story with a message is all the more compelling and powerful. When told well, stories have the power to inspire and motivate action. Messaging is at the heart of the story; we teach you how to articulate your messages, with techniques that reveal your skill and charisma.


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