Som Tam; Photo courtesy of Jessica Spengler/Creative Commons/Flickr


Some of Southeast Asia’s more interesting street fare food has made the list on CNN’s top 50 world’s most delicious foods list!

My favourite and one that I grew up on at the start of the list as India’s contribution at #49 – Dosa or Thosai (as Southern Indians call it).

Photo courtesy of McKay Savage/Creative Commons/Flickr

Other perennial favourites of Southeast Asia that make the list include Som Tam from Thailand at #46; Singapore’s “national dish” Chicken Rice (#45) and Chili Crab (#35); Vietnam’s Goi Cuon (Summer Roll) #30 and world famous Pho (#28); Philippines’ Lechon (roasted suckling pig) #27; Indonesia’s Rendang (#11) and Malaysia’s Penang Laksa #7, bookended by Tom Yum Goong (#8) and Massaman Curry (#1)!

Chicken Rice; Photo courtesy of hungrygowhere/Julia Khoo

While it is undoubtedly subjective and very much personal, the list brings up an interesting aspect of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) and indeed Asia – the land mass often generalised as one is richly different and unique from one nation to another. A small, dense geographical area packs a variety of cuisines, languages and rich history.

We are lucky to enjoy living in this culturally diverse environment which is fast building a reputation for one of the world’s fastest growing as well as being among the world’s more stable regions.

Welcome to Asia.