Public Relations

We have been on top of the regional media landscape for 35 years, watching it evolve from print to online, from op-eds to blog posts. Our proprietary methodology tiers the media so that every client campaign uses the right channels to reach their target audience. Our unique ability to influence across languages, territories, markets and cultures is critical to success in our home markets of India and the Asia Pacific. Through a combination of paid, earned, shared and owned media, we build brand awareness with measurable success and results.

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The term “public relations” or PR for short, is often misunderstood and most often mistaken to mean media relations; but in actual fact, there is so much more to PR and the profession as we interpret it here, spans a wide range of activities.

Aside from media relations, other activities include internal  and customer relations, financial relations to crisis management, events, media training, speechwriting and so much more! It is a broad, multifaceted profession with endless possibilities – and the most exciting thing of all, every organisation, regardless of size across virtually any industry stands to gain from the benefits of PR.

But why and how does PR help them achieve their desired outcome or goal. This is because communications is crucial in doing business and getting the right message across to the right ‘publics’ is just one aspect of how an organisation can benefit. It is a powerful and essential tool that can help businesses to build a brand, redeem their brand, explore new possibilities as well as improve on current practices and the sooner more organisations come to realise this, the better off they’ll be.

Here at Priority Consultants we specialize in multiple aspects of PR. Having been in the business for 25 years, it would not be an exaggeration to say that we are indeed PR experts. When you think PR in Asia, you need to think Priority! So all you businesses out there should get your “priorities” right and come look us up!

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