We were making a racket at the Kallang river last Friday as 11 of the Priority team went out in a Dragon boat. Counting the ’10 hard ones’ and ’20 soft ones’ we made it all the way out to the Marina Barrage catching the Singapore flyer on the way. During the ninety minutes we cheered each other on, took photos and even stopped to enjoy the scenery – actually catch our breath!

I totally enjoyed the dragon boat session and felt a sense of high counting in unison and seeing the effort that everybody put in to get the boat going; teamwork was the crucial element.

Priority’s Kick Off  ended with a high on the river but it was actually the second half of the one-day programme which started in the morning at 8.30am in the Tanglin Club. There were discussions and presentations on strategic planning, visioning, priorities, roles and decision making – an update to the first 2009 Kick Off and updating our new team members. Where vision is concerned, it’s imperative to convey and keep everyone working towards the same goals, and for a communications team, then it’s all about communicating well throughout the company.

So, at the end of the day, a simple recipe for success:

Whip up your confidence, toss in a tinge of determination, fold in pragmatism and let’s beat the powerful networks!

Achieving this objective will require focus and commitment, just as paddling the dragon boat to the Marina Barrage and back, relies on the same principle, ‘If we all work together, we will achieve the vision.”