SINGAPORE, October 1, 2009 – InfoPrint Solutions Company, a joint venture between IBM and Ricoh, today announced the launch of its high-speed digital color cutsheet solution for the mid-market, the InfoPrint Pro C900, in China, Singapore and Hong Kong. This adds to its portfolio of digital color printers driving the continual growth of color across enterprises of all sizes.

The InfoPrint Pro C900 is ideal for commercial printers, data centers and in-plant customers with monthly volumes of 50,000 to 240,000 pages. This new color printer fills a gap between larger continuous forms production machines and smaller volume cutsheet solutions, opening up high quality color capability to a new customer segment. The InfoPrint Pro C900 will produce a wide variety of output, including Print on Demand (POD) manuals and books. It will also enable marketing initiatives like direct mail and TransPromo; which involves printing personalized messages communications, such as statements and bills.

Customers will also benefit from the support of InfoPrint’s global maintenance and services teams, designed to enable consistently maintained and available print operations. InfoPrint has more than 1,000 service and maintenance specialists in 36 territories around the world.

According to Jim Hamilton, Group Director of InfoTrends’ On Demand Printing & Publishing Consulting Service, “The InfoPrint Pro C900 is poised for growth in a product category where InfoTrends expects to see significant activity.”

“Adding color has traditionally been out of reach for many businesses, due to higher associated costs and larger runs needed to use color production machines. Yet it is proven to capture audience attention and increase response rate of marketing materials,” said Chris Reid, vice president and general manager, InfoPrint Solutions Asia Pacific. “The InfoPrint Pro C900 underlines our core focus, which is to enable the creation of dynamic digital output to bring our customers business advantage. We do this by combining the latest technology innovations with high-end professional services support, with a keen eye on the overall cost of operations—vital in today’s economic climate.”

The InfoPrint Pro C900 has a variety of finishing and software options for complex project management, including:

Flexible functionality to optimize operations

Ease of use for imposition, make ready, and composition tools

Expanded capacity with input capability up to 11,500 pages input allowing for long unattended production runs of larger jobs, aimed at increasing overall profitability and productivity

Variable output settings permitting users to handle jobs on media of different weights. Rated speed via air assist maintains print speeds, even with heavy stock

Printing speeds up to 90 impressions per minute (ipm)[1] in both full color and monochrome

Increased productivity settings to maximize continuous runs such as on-the-fly toner and paper change, and Customer Replaceable Units, a new program offering skilled operator replaceable parts which minimizes downtime

An extensive array of feed and finishing options for highly flexible operations and output formats

State-of-the-art color management features for end-to-end color reproduction accuracy via a truly specified powerful 1200 DPI/2 bit engine. This produces an outstanding range of colors, spot color, soft proofing and laser-sharp printing

Technical support from InfoPrint’s team of integration specialists, offering the benefits of InfoPrint’s color heritage to mid-range customers

The InfoPrint Pro C900 will be available in China, Hong Kong and Singapore from November 27, 2009. Pricing is available on request. For more information on the InfoPrint Pro C900, please visit

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