What I’ve learnt from working with my colleagues


1. Two heads are better than one

At every stage of managing the event, each team member has a responsibility to contribute and offer their perspective.

2. Developing relationships

A Team that works together over longer period of time will develop a bond. When you work with people that you actually enjoy spending time with, you are going to be more efficient. Developing a bond with your teammates lowers the risk of unnecessary conflicts.

3. Uniqueness

Each member of the team offers their unique knowledge and experience, which benefits the individuals and the team as whole.

4. Communication

Honesty is crucial. It’s better to speak your mind, express your opinions rather than keep it to yourself. We all know that every team member is allowed to speak their mind without judgement.

5. Many hands make light work

When everyone contributes it becomes a more accomplished and fulfilling effort.

6. Leadership

The “leader” of the project or as we call it the maestro is the one who coordinates, “quarterbacks” it. He or she makes sure everyone is focused and delivers the outcome as we collectively envisioned.