Our Ethos

Back when we were founded in 1985, we always knew, that communications without a story and human interest, will be flat, uninspiring and frankly not fun!
We focused all our energies on growing a company of like-minded individuals who tell great stories and who care about how we interact, build connections and partnerships that lead to friendships.
We bring to that our thirst for knowledge; curiosity of all things new and the courage to experiment and have adventures.
Our focus on relationships is evident in the way we work closely with our clients, and in the way we collaborate with each other. We get excited about sharing stories that educate, engage, and ultimately generate coverage and opportunities for our clients.
We are a creative group of people who like to solve problems and work on surprising our partners and friends. We are especially hooked on receiving the kudos, “smiley faces and gold stars”!
Today across the Southeast Asian and South Asian region, we have maintained this core ethos of a particular brand of success and fun borne out of respect, and a deep seated desire for measurable and outstanding results.
Each of us brings to the group a unique personality and way of looking at things. And yet we are the same. We share the same hunger and desire for success.